Harness Nature


Good afternoon my friends! This is my final ad for my Communications 130: Visual Media class. For this assignment was I was to take an original ad and create a similar ad that might be a part of that same ad campaign. Said recreated ad needed to include the logo of the company and incorporate similar colors and themes presented in the original.



The idea behind the “Harness Nature” campaign is the idea of taking animals in nature and being able to see the world as they do and capture these images. The only two ads I could find in this campaign was for an eagle and a shark, both having camera chords dangling from the side of their heads near the eye.

Not only does this ad campaign appeal to photographers, but also to those who are out constantly in nature. They want the best optical performance, as if literally being able to see out of the eye of an eagle or a hawk.


With my new ad I wanted to use a hawk (taking the idea from the term “hawk-eye”.) I wanted to use similar colors of brown and gold, while also using the dark storm clouds present in the original ad. This is appealing because those in tune with nature can see the true beauty that exists in a stormy day.


I apologize for this short blog post, I hoped to make it as simple as I possibly could. Much like the ads, these things are simple and to the point and don’t have much fluff. They present something for the viewer to mull over.

I really enjoyed working on this ad, it was fun being able to try and replicate this ad and see if I couldn’t ad my own flare to a previously existing ad campaign.





Panasonic logo taken from Logo Wikia


Lumix logo taken from Logo Wikia



Comm130_Original_Ad (Visual-Hunt_Heipei)

Camera: taken from Visual Hunt, photo credit to Heipei



Original ad: taken from Google, credit to Lumix-Panasonic



Hawk: taken from Pixabay


Communication Portfolio

Cover Letter (PDF)

NewResume (PDF)

Class Summaries:

27 April 2017—Cindy Jensen and Cynthia Rubio (The Scroll and Soapbox)


News (“The Language of Journalism”)

  • Breaking News
  • International News
  • Church News
  • Crime
  • Hard News


  • Scroll-backs
  • Department Events
  • Campus Issues
  • Sports
  • Student Life

Art & Entertainment

  • Music
  • Events
  • Lifestyle
  • Artists/Talents
  • Features

Scroll Buzz

  • Culture
  • Listicles
  • Social Issues
  • International Students


  • Religious Freedom
  • Other Religious
  • International Religion


  • Make the Scroll look good


  • Photojournalism



  • Soapbox Agency is an opportunity to gain experience
  • Research: The start of any product
  • PR: Social Media, Press Conferences, posts, etc.
  • Designs: Client work and department work, video production
  • Account Services: Contact clients and creative teams


4 May 2017—Grad Plans

  • 3 Practicums for Communication Majors
  • At least one internship is needed before graduation
  • Grad. Plans help both the students and the school, (the latter to determine how many students will be registering for particular classes)

11 May 2017—Lane Williams (Journalism)

  1. There are benefits to following the news
  2. Consider writing a blog—what’s that passion you want to write about?
  3. Journalism is a profession, (“Democracy is a farce without the press”)
  4. Be a supporter of journalism, (“Journalism is the canary in the coal mine”)
  5. Be a voice of truth and righteousness on social media; it doesn’t matter how many “likes” you get, still still stand up for truth (“if not you then who?”)

18 May 2017—Christian Mawlam and Brian Howard

Q-What can you do in video production?

A-The following:

  • News Director
  • News Producer
  • Assignment Editor
  • Reporter
  • Anchor
  • Writer
  • Video Journalist
  • TV Production

Video Production

Q-Where can you work?

  • Broadcast Station
  • Government Video
  • Video Production
  • Independent Video Production
  • Web Video/Podcasting
  • Ad Agencies
  • PR Firms
  • Higher Education
  • Independent Freelancers
  • Directors


25 May 2017—Cory Kerr, Eric Lybbert, James Rognon, Derek Miller (Visual Communication)

  • Visual Media pairs up well with all other emphasises (including News/Journalism.)
  • Vector Graphics stay the same quality no matter the size

1 June 2017—Advocacy

Q-What do you WANT to do?

Employers want workers who can/have…

  1. Work in a team structure
  2. Make decisions and solve problems
  3. Communicate verbally inside and outside an organization
  4. Plan, organize, and prioritize work
  5. Obtain and process information
  6. Analyze quantitative data
  7. Technical knowledge related to a job
  8. Proficiency with software
  9. Create and/or edit written reports
  10. Sell and influence others


8 June 2017—Mike Cannon (Public Relations)

Public Agencies

  • Create campaigns
  • Connect better with clients
  • Social media (using it strategically)
  • Spreading of information

Hint: Keep a portfolio of hard and digital copies of my articles and blogs

Writing and editing is foundational to PR

Network is key as well: who you know and what you know

Public relations is a growth industry in the 21st Century!

  • Athletics
  • Celebrities
  • Politics
  • Religion
  • Universities
  • Corporate Bodies
  • Healthcare

“Public relations is a planned process to influence public opinion through sound character and proper performance, based on mutually satisfactory two-way communication.”



15 June 2017—Beth Hendricks (Advertising)

Advertising tells us something

5 P’s of Marketing

  1. Product
  2. Price
  3. Place (Distribution)
  4. Promotion
  5. People

Classifications of Advertising

  1. By target audience
  2. By geographic area
  3. By medium
  4. By purpose

Types of Advertising Agencies

  1. Full-Service
  2. Business-to-Business
  3. Creative Boutiques
  4. Media-Buying Services
  5. Interactive
  6. In-House