Hello my friends! This week I was asked to construct a product for my Communications 130 “Visual Media” class. For this project I was given the following demographics to work with:
Product: Toilet Paper
Gender: Males and Females
Salary/Income: +$90,000 a year
Education: Masters or Doctorate
Martial Status: In a relationship
Media Advertisement: Facebook (400px by 209px, resolution of 72dpi) and Web/Blog (300px by 250px, resolution of 72dpi)

I chose Charmin has my brand





Due to the somewhat comical demographics I was given, I wanted something simple; not quite “plain,” but simple. I was impressed with the idea of the “Limelight.” These consumers are the best in both salary and education; why wouldn’t they “deserve the best?”

I wanted to capitalize on the ideas of “feeling good” and a “more successful you.” Successful corporations are driven by the idea of the best products and the best employees; while it isn’t implied in the demographics the jobs of these individuals, but the idea of success is universal in their minds.

I found two images that I was able to blend and alter the coloration to give it a clean, film-noir look, (proper attribution is given at the end of this post.) Originally I wanted to match the toilet paper to the color of the spotlight; but for obvious reasons that was changed so the spotlight could be white like unto the toilet paper.

However, I do I love the idea of a spotlight. Though my original idea involved having a fancy car and a fancy boat faded in the background (perhaps under individual, yet dimmer spotlights), I felt like that would make the ad too cluttered and would draw away from the main object: the toilet paper. The leading lines created by the spotlight are the first thing that should catch the viewer’s attention; they lead the viewer straight to the toilet paper, then it’s up to the viewer to read what comes next, (more likely than not they’ll be drawn to the boldest text, the text below it, and finally to the text in the corner beneath the logo.)

I chose Minion Pro Bold Italic for the header because I wanted something that looked crisp, sharp, yet elegant. Malayalam MN Regular was simple and clear, which falls in tandem with the idea of “simple yet elegant” of the Limelight toiler paper.

If I’ve noticed anything from fancy magazines like Esquire it’s that the fancier the product and audience, the less they have to truly include; if it looks the best, it’s implied to simply be the best.

And really, “don’t you deserve the best?”


Spotlight: Creative Commons, taken by Blondinrikard Fröberg


Toilet Paper: Public Domain, taken by D Coetzee

Roll of toilet paper




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