Welcome to another Communications 130 Visual Media post! Tonight, we’ll be focusing on typography and for this post I decided to analyze the typefaces of this simple, yet capturing poster of “Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2”–we will discuss what makes it appealing as we focus on the text itself. This poster was made by Marvel Studios and was released (if I’m not mistaken) late last year.



Let’s Get Started


(Original: https://www.amazon.com/Guardians-Galaxy-Vol-Authentic-Original/dp/B01MQHN9X4)



First Typeface


What works really well with this poster is the repetition of the sans serif font brought over from the first movie’s material. This is normal for most, if not all, movies that are part of a series. One can identify this typeface because of the lack of serifs on the edges of characters (though one could argue the “G”s have serifs–if this is true, the font still lacks serifs as a whole) and the same, uniform width across all characters of the four words.



Second Typeface


The new addition to the second installment of the series’ poster is the addition of the brilliant red decorative font. It breaks conventional typeface by its issue of paint-like brushstrokes at the end of V, L, and 2, as it was an added addition on top of the finished, “printed” product.



The Contrast


There’s a couple of interesting things to be able to analyze with these two typefaces; however, to do so I would like to draw attention to two thematic elements of the Guardians of the Galaxy series that is reflected in the text.

The first typeface shows the first theme—that of order, structure, and uniformity presented presented by the ruling orders within the Guardians of the Galaxy’s universe’s police structure. The second typeface shows the second theme, the theme that the characters presented in the poster represent—that of rebelliousness, uniqueness, and roughness.

With an understanding of the fun themes behind the two typefaces, their selection makes sense. The first typeface is sans serif—formal and quite boring—along with being heavy, white, straight in alignment, and right in the center of the poster. Even the text on the left that is at a different alignment then the rest of that typeface, it still shows hard alignment on its right side.

However, the second typeface is quite fun; it’s red (a brilliant contrast from the white), certainly not uniform nor formal, and the direction of the second typeface is at angle that suggests disorder and roughness (presumably from the titular Guardians who serve as the film’s anti-hero protagonists).



By better understanding the elements that make up the universe of Guardians of the Galaxy, one can better understand the choices of the two typefaces and their contrasting weight, color, and direction. Though it may not be apparent at first, once you can identify and see the individual components of the poster and its typeface, it really stands out and makes the experience of even seeing a simple advertisement enjoyable and enriching.


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